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HomeGrade will assess the physical condition of the property to determine the need for repairs and the home value. We identify strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities, then provide key tips, project budgets, and project happiness ratings.

What is Evaluated?

Together, we'll take a look at the property virtually inside and out. Starting with the interior rooms we review the appearance, surface wear and tear, and general maintenance level to assess potential work that might be required to get the property back to turn-key.

Next we move into the utility room to check out how long you likely have until the heating,  plumbing, and electrical have left until an update is required, and if it might be an energy efficient home.

Lastly, we'll head outside and walk the grounds (metaphorically) to evaluate the remaining lifespan on the roof and windows, home exterior, landscaping and fun extras like pools and patios.



Routine Maintenance




Energy Efficiency





How HomeGrade Calculator Works

We take the information you provide, combine it with everything we already know about the home and the market, and crank out a grade using our proprietary grading model. And just because we like to look at data, we frequently compare the results to make sure they are in-line with current market trends. 

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