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Tools & Calculators
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How much house can i afford.jpg

How Much Home

Can I Afford?

Maybe you are getting ready to start that “adult” part of your life, looking to upgrade, or are simply relocating and need a new place to call home, regardless of your reason, it is important to know exactly how much home you really can afford. 

Down Payment Blog Photo.jpg

How to Save for a

Down Payment

So you are ready to claim your castle…but you must first slay the dragon - the dreaded Down Payment. This is possibly the largest expenditure you have yet faced in your life. Fret not! There are many ways you can prepare to meet this challenge.  

DIY 1.jpg

Prioritizing Projects:
Cost v. Need

It’s time to show your home a little love. Prior to starting the first project you can find, let's take a look at which projects have the greatest return, in terms of dollar value and overall homeowner happiness and necessity. 


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